whats different about pigment ink

The color in the color based ink breaks down in water like sugar does in water - totally. Color does not break up totally. It is more similar to a flour and water blend.

Along these lines, color based inks stream better and have been the standard in inkjet printers. Be that as it may, the color will re-break up and the ink will stream over the paper if drops of water hit the paper, while both are used in large format printers, pigment ink has an upper hand in a lot of areas.

Pigment ink particles tend to sink into the minor strands that make up the paper. As the ink drys, the shade particles stall out in the strands. Consequently, the pigment inks are more water resistant than the color based inks. Just around 5 to 10 percent of the ink will re-stream if the paper is hit by water.

The particles in color based inks are spread out. You may consider color construct ink in light of paper as like a shoreline secured with sand. Along these lines, color based ink tends to blur faster, since the majority of the atoms are presented to the synthetic and daylight caused responses that blur the ink, if you’re using a large format printer, then you may want to choose pigmented ink.